The NATPA Board of Trustees has adopted this Point System for the NATPA Sanctioned Pulls. Points are to be awarded as follows.


               Place      Hook     Total

Place        Points     Points    Points


1             10            5               15


2               9             5               14


3               8             5               13


4               7             5               12


5               6             5               11


6               5             5               10


7               4             5                 9


8               3             5                 8


9               2             5                 7


10              1             5                 6


All others in the class will receive 5 hook points.


     A tractor must be hooked to and attempt to move the sled to receive hook points.

       Disqualified tractors will receive 5 hook points only.

      Only those tractors registered to members in good standing will receive points.

       Each tractor will receive points according to how it actually placed in any sanctioned class where it was pulled.

       Points will follow a member’s registered tractor(s) and the driver does not have to be an NATPA member for a tractor to receive points at a Regional Pull.

       At the National Championship Pull only NATPA members in good standing may participate.

       Members’ tractors will accumulate points only in two (2) classes that the puller has registered with the NATPA.

       Points received at the National Championship Pull will count toward point total.

       The best (5) finishes in each registered class will be counted toward point total for each tractor.

 .       In order for a tractor to receive a points award that tractor must have competed in five (5) events in that points class.

 .      At the championship pull the tractor must hook in is designated point’s classes. Added as per board 3/30/2007