NATPA General Pulling Rules

The following rules are general in nature and apply to all pullers, tractors and operations at all NATPA sanctioned events.

All NATPA classes are intended for agricultural type tractors. No experimental or prototype tractors are permitted.


1. A tractor may pull only once in each class. Pull promoter decides number of classes each tractor may enter in excess of two.

2. Drivers less than 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.

3. Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand brakes, hand clutch, or throttle at all times during the pull. NEVER try to start a tractor by pushing it off the scale. NO ONE except the driver is to be on a moving tractor. Anytime a tractor is moving a driver is required to be in the seat. Driver must be in the seat while starting. (Added as per annual meeting 3/30/07.)

4. Wheelie bars and kill switches are required in Divisions I, II, IIT, III, IV & V and should not be attached to the draw bar in any way. (This rule change was added on 06/20/14). Minimum requirements for the wheelie bars are as follows. 10" maximum above ground. The back of the wheelie bar is to extend 5" behind the tire radius. C: Pads = 5" square minimum, spaced minimum of 20" from outside each pad. D: Stabilizer bar system must be able to support the weight of the tractor in the heaviest class pulled. E: Jacking up the pads so the tractor is completely off the ground is a good test of the strength of the system’s support ability and the NATPA Tech Crew reserves the right to perform this test at its discretion. (This rule change was added on 06/20/14).

5. Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking

6. No use of alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

7. Any part falling off the tractor after being hooked and until the tractor is unhooked will result in disqualification.

8. NATPA suggests that all weights be secured as dropped weights are cause for disqualification.

9. Contact point of tractor and sled must remain in bounds at all times. Out of bounds will result in disqualification. No measurement will be taken after a disqualification.

10. RPM’s allowed will be determined by the NATPA RPM Chart. Any tractor not listed will use manufacturer’s data. Mandatory to have a working governor and Throttle stop in all NATPA Divisions.

11. Gas, diesel or LP fuels only. No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels or fuel additives may be used in tractors. Gas is allowed a maximum of 750 specific gravity. All tractors are subject to random fuel checks.

12. All tractors are required to have a spark plug wire easily accessible and out side the shield (Added as per annual meeting 3/30/07.) for Tech Crew to check RPM’s.

13. All side shields must be removed prior to a tractor being inspected by the Tech crew. They may be reattached after the Tech inspection.

14. There is no allowance on weight for any class in any Division. Weight of class is maximum weight allowed. There will be a 50 pound weight allowance for fenders in DIV IV & V.  (Added as per annual meeting 3/30/07.)

15. A finish line must be used at all events. A full pull will be when the hook point of the sled passes the full pull mark. (Added as per annual meeting 3/30/07.)

16. If a class is restarted for any reason, all tractors that are registered in the class and that have already pulled will be allowed to repull.

17. Rules for each division will not be changed for a period of three years with the exception of a safety issue or to clarify a questionable rule per Section 5 on Page 3 of the By-laws. See effective dates on rules for each division.

18. All rules will be interpreted by the Tech/Rules Committee. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be    ruled on by the Tech/Rules Committee with their rulings being final.

19. All flywheels must be covered. All exhaust pipes must be straight up with no curves or bends.

      (This change was mandated by safety committee on 7/30/03.)

20. TIRES: No radial tires. No steel wheels. No chains. No duals. Two wheel drive only. No cut or altered tire is allowed in Division I or II.

21. Speed cone distance will be set at 1/3 of track distance. One beep after flag/cone will result in disqualification. The marker for speed will also be used as the mark to stop the tractor if driver wishes to restart pull. (This change was added 8/27/2006 as per Board meeting of 7/28/2006). The puller will have two chances to move the sled. If it is more than two times with no success, 5 points will be counted or granted for that weight class. It will be the decision of the NATPA Board to allow more than two tries due to tractor/sled malfunction or track conditions. (This rule change was addes on 06/20/14).

22. In order for a tractor to receive a point’s award that tractor must have competed in five (5) events in that points class. (This change was added 3/29/2008 as per Annual Meeting of 3/29/2008) In order too compete in the championship pull you need 3 hooks before the championship event.

23. Any protest filed with the flag man or track person will result in both the tractor and the protester’s tractor being checked. The protester must be a puller in the same class. The protest must be made before the tractor leaves the end of the track; you must go to the flagged or teck person to protest a tractor. Once the tractor leaves the end of the track, no protest can be made. Rules committee has the right to protest any tractor at any time on or off the track. All decisions are final. All judge’s decisions are final. Track judges have the right to stop the pull at anytime. (This change was added 8/27/2006 as per Board meeting of 7/28/2006)

24 It is recommended that in DIV IV & V the tractor be equipped with a high back seat. (Added as per board meeting of 3/29/07.)

25. The term “REPLACEMENT PART” is defined as any part that was available for that tractor make and model of that era, or reproduction parts that duplicate the original part. ALL REPLACEMENT PARTS MUST MEET CURRENT BOARD APPROVAL. (Example: 450-LP reproduction heads are allowed in Div 3, 4 and 5.)  (Added as per board meeting of 6/29/07.)

26. Championship protests must be made prior to the Championship Pull. On the day of the Championship Pull the only inspection that the tractor must pass is that of the Tech Committee after the pull of the day.  (Added as per board meeting of 6/29/07.)

27. HOOKING POINT RULE – Your hooking point (hole) needs to be a minimum of 3.25 inches and 3 inches wide, 1 inch thick, and a maximum of 1 – 1.25 inches of material from the back of the hole to end of the drawbar (this allows the hook to fit freely). Make sure your drawbar is compliant.

28. Mandatory RPM Box: Division IV and V tractors should have a 3 prong female 110 outlet style plug-in on back of tractor for the RPM recorder to plug into. Wire you kit from Scheid Diesel up to the female 110 outlet. ONLY USE ONE MAGNET ON YOUR RPM KIT (they send 2, but use only one).

You are allowed one event without this…. The second event you attend without it, no points or distance will be recorded. These devices will mount on your tractor and record the highest reading your engine hits going down the track.

NATPA will have 2 boxes at all events for your tractor to plug in to (ex: when kill switch is being hooked up, this will be hooked up also).

29. All Division I, II, IIT, III, IV Tractors must maintain a stock/factory wheelbase for that make and model tractor. Rear wheels, differentials and frontends must maintain stock/factory location. Division V must be stock/factory appearing and location. Tractors in question will be judged and ruled by the NATPA board and tech committee.


Revised 12/7/15