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©2014 NATPA Updated General Rules. Added dates to Schedule. [09/22/14]


2015 Schedule


2014-2015 NATPA Schedule

Troy, Missouri
Carl Davis 314-581-9458
John McQuoid 636-358-9180

June 21, 2014
October 18, 2014
Mason, Michigan
November 1, 2014
Sedalia, Missouri November 8, 2014
Wauseon, Ohio November 29-30, 2014
Wichita, Kansas January 3, 2015
Springfield, Missouri January 17, 2015
Princeton, Indiana February 21, 2015
Tallmadge, Ohio March 14, 2015
Lincoln, Nebraska March 26, 2015
Thursday pull: All divisions/classes
More to come soon...


NATPA General Pulling Rules Changes:

4. Wheelie bars and kill switches are required in all Divisions I, II, IIT, III, and IV & V and should not be attached to the draw bar in any way. (This rule change was added on 06/20/14). Minimum requirements for the wheelie bars are as follows: 10"maximum above ground. The back of the wheelie bar is to extend 5" behind the tire radius. C: Pads = 5" square minimum, spaced minimum of 20" from outside each pad. D: Stabilizer bar system must be able to support the weight of the tractor in the heaviest class pulled. E: Jacking up the pads so the tractor is completely off the ground is a good test of the strength of the system’s support ability and the NATPA Tech Crew reserves the right to perform this test at its discretion.

21. Speed cone distance will be set at 1/3 of track distance. One beep after flag/cone will result in disqualification. The marker for speed will also be used as the mark to stop the tractor if driver wishes to restart pull. (This change was added 8/27/2006 as per Board meeting of 7/28/2006). The puller will have two chances or two tries to move the sled. If it is more than two times with no success, 5 points will be counted or granted for that weight class. It will be the decision of the NATPA Board to allow more than two tries do to tractor/sled malfunction or track conditions. (This rule change was added on 06/20/14).

22. In order for a tractor to receive a point’s award that tractor must have competed in five (5) events in that points class. (This change was added 3/29/2008 as per Annual Meeting of 3/29/2008) In order to compete in the Championship Pull you need a total of 3 hooks in the same designated points/weight class before the championship event. (This rule change was added on 06/20/14).

Rules for Divisions I and II Changes:

6. Tires and Rims: Maximum tire size - 2500-4500 maximum tire size is 15.5x38 or 200 sq. in. on any width rim; 4501-6500 up to a 16.9 X 34 or 229 sq. in. on any rim width 6501-9500 maximum tire size is up to a 18.4x38 on any width rim. No radial tires. No steel wheels. No chains. No duals. Two wheel drive only. No cut or altered tire is allowed in Divisions I and II. (This rule change added on (06/20/14).

8. HITCHES - Maximum 16" height (stationary in all directions) locked at 16" on tractors such as IH fast hitch, Ford 3 point hitch, etc. Hitches must be as from factory-unaltered for that specific tractor. Operator must furnish a straight up and down clevis or hitching eye (D-Ring) with a minimum opening of 3.5" bolted or pinned tightly with spacers to the draw bar. Hitch measured at hook point of clevis. Farmall H's and M's must pull from an original drawbar hooked to the original belly hook point. Drawbar must be 24 inches minimum from center of axle to hitch point. (This wording added as per safety committee on 06/ 20/14)

Rule #2 DIV I and II: Drivers must be 10 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission. (This rule change added on 06/20/14).

9. SAFETY - All tractors must have a working safety kill switch and wheelie bars. Pullers between 10 to 14 years of age may have one parental/guardian on the track for safety reasons only. (This rule change added on 06/20/14).

(These new rules will be added and will go into effect on 10/01/14 as per board meeting of 06/20/14).



Just like last year, you must notify Curtis Rink by the Monday after Lincoln, NE pull what two classes you are declaring for points.  If you have not declared by 3-26-13, we will automatically declare your two lightest classes you pulled in this season.  His email is cksrink@sbcglobal.net


NEW HOOKING POINT RULE---many sleds have been told by their insurance companies that to remain "insured" they need to always use their "big hook".  This bigger hook is for NTPA, PPL, etc. type tractors.  This is being forced upon the sleds and thus upon NATPA and its pullers.  Your hooking point (hole) needs to be a minimum 3.25 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1 inch thick, and a maximum of 1-1.25 inches of material from the back of the hole to end of the drawbar (this allows the hook to fit freely).  Make sure your drawbar is compliant.  The board will be adding this correctiion to the general rules.


--RPM Monitors for Div 4/5 tractors--

** UPDATE--Div4/5 tractors should have a 3 prong female 110 outlet style plug in on back of tractor for the RPM recorder to plug into.  Wire your kit from Scheid Diesel up to the female 100 outlet.

ONLY USE ONE MAGNET ON YOUR RPM KIT (they send 2, but use only one)

To purchase an RPM monitor device for your tractor, call Scheid Diesel at 1-800-669-1934, and ask for Mike.  He is the contact person for NATPA on this.  They will ship the device to you; approximate cost is $49.55, plus shipping.

You are allowed one event without this.....the second event you attend without it, no points or distance will be recorded.  These devices will mount on your tractor and record the highest reading your engine hits going down the track.

NATPA will have 2 boxes at all events for your tractor to plug in to (ex: when kill switch is being hooked up, this will be hooked up also)



NATPA Bylaws, Code of Regulations and Code of Conduct

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